Have you ever seen an artist at work? As they create their piece, they are totally in the zone. They know what they want and they’re going after it. It’s inspiring. Have you ever watched a coach pour their heart and soul into helping one of their players become the best they can be? It’s inspiring. We all have the power to inspire others, both indirectly and directly, especially when we are empowered. So, this week, it’s time to BE THE INSPIRATION. No matter where you are in life, when you live in an empowered way, you are an inspiration. So many people want to be empowered and live a full life, and your actions just might be the thing that inspires them to go after it. Yes, your actions matter and someone is always watching. You might also know of someone who could use more inspiration in his or her life, so be the person who shows them how they can do it. Let’s remember that the best things in life are shared, and discover how we can share the message of positive empowerment with everyone. Let’s all be one another’s cheerleader as we journey together to create positive, fulfilled, and inspired lives. If we’re not careful, we just might change the world in the process. Being the inspiration matters.

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