Being empowered doesn’t just happen overnight. It’s a life-long commitment that takes work and dedication. You may experience seasons where being empowered just feels easier and more natural than other times. You may hit several road bumps along the path that slow your progress, but you will also experience several “wins” that propel you forward. In our opinion, both persevering through the set backs and embracing the victories—big and small—all deserve to be celebrated. So, this week, we want you to take time to CELEBRATE THE EFFORT. Don’t let the world define if your steps are “successes” or “failures”—just see them as steps to whatever comes next. Commit to learn from and celebrate whatever happens on your journey and practice being grateful for all of it. When we do this, not only does it guard us from having a victim mentality, it actually empowers and inspires us to continue moving forward, knowing that we are better off for everything. So, from this day forward, choose to celebrate… even when it doesn’t go perfectly. We know it’s easy to get stuck in what you want to happen in life, but always remember that the journey is way better than the destination. Celebrating the effort matters.

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