Have you ever thought about what you’re passionate about? Not what you’re supposed to be passionate about or the things that make sense to do in life. No, the things that make you stay up all night because you’re excited. The things that light a fire in your belly and fill you with joy. When was the last time you thought about those things? When was the last time you spent time enjoying them? Part of being balanced is really coming alive with the things that make you not just joyful, but passionate and excited. This week, as a part of finding balance, we’re FUELING OUR PASSIONS. You might be wondering if you are even truly in touch with what you are passionate about. That’s okay. Maybe this week will help you discover something. Take some time and create some space in your week to really feel and reflect on it. Maybe you’ll discover that you are passionate about gardening, cooking, volunteering, reading, dancing, spending time with friends, or traveling. The options are endless, and only you know the answer. And your answers might change over time, which is great. We just want you to have fun with it and remember that finding and fueling our passions is a life-long process. Go discover what you’re passionate about, then do more of it. Fueling your passions matters.

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