Very few people set out with the goal of failing. We all want success… instantly. But the truth is that we will all fail at something at some point in our life. Actually, we will fail several times and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. Doesn’t that feel good to know and embrace? Doesn’t that already take the pressure off? Many of us are taught or think that perfection is everything, but in reality, perfection is exhausting. It’s also inevitably frustrating and just not a necessary goal. This week, we want you to remember that failure is an option, and to GET BACK UP. Fearing failure can keep us from trying. It steals our power and our willingness to be empowered and to go for things, because we are so afraid to stumble. But just as it is easy to stumble and fall, it is also easy to get back up. The next time you fall or fall short, take some time to feel it. Really feel it. Feel the disappointment and the sadness and the frustration. Then, get back up. Be courageous and trust that you’ll be okay. Because you will be okay. And then, try again. Falling is a part of life and it’s one that we can use to grow. So choose to grow. Celebrate it and take your next step as you go forward in life. Show yourself—and others—that you’re powerful enough to keep going. Getting back up matters.

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